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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Square One Masterpiece - A Love Affair

I didn’t set out to stray from regular vinyl.  It just kind of happened.

I’ve had the printable Square 1 Masterpiece in my stash for quite awhile, hoarding it along with all of my other paper. 

Then a neighbor dropped off a bottle of homemade mulberry wine.    As a thank you, I thought it would be fun to make him some custom wine labels, but didn’t want anything that would stick permanently to the bottle.  I found a wine label template online, typed in the info, printed it out on Square 1, then cut it out.  As my 6-year olds say:  “Easy peasy lemon squeezy!” – and pretty sophisticated looking too:

 Okay so now I’m excited about the possibilities…

What can I do with this stuff next???

I spotted the shelf in my kitchen.  I like decorating it for holidays, but after Memorial Day and the 4th of July, I was at a loss as to what to put on it until Fall.  I found a cute, cupcake-themed canvas for $5 so I used that as my shelf inspiration.

I picked up some wood letters on sale at Joann and spray painted them black.  I put them on the shelf and they looked….fine.  Meh.  A pattern would’ve been more exciting but covering them in scrapbook paper and mod podge just seemed too permanent – and like too much work.  I found some free digital paper online, printed it on Square 1, traced the letters, cut them out and stuck them to the front of my letters.  Not only can they be easily removed and changed (if my love of chevron and quatrefoil ever fades) but I can RE-USE those letters cut out of Square 1 again and again!   LOVE THAT PART!  And since I had some extra patterned Square 1 left over from the letters, I cut out these cute cupcakes to go with my theme:

I also had some of solid Square 1 in green so I cut out this saying for under the shelf:

I love that I can save the cut-outs I made with Square 1 and re-use them.  I also love, love, LOVE that Square 1 is PVC-free!

Here’s how my shelf looks now:

So there’s my story about how I fell in love with Square 1 Masterpiece.  I am really excited about using this on all kinds of future projects!


  1. Love the labels you made/ Great idea for Christmas gifts of homemade bath soaps, preserves ect. The cupcake shelf project is way cool. Will the lettering on the wall come off easily in a few years without damaging the wall? tfs

  2. what great ideas ! Love the re-usability of Square 1