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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cropped Recap

I was lucky enough to get to go to Wisconsin to be a part of the live Cropped event last weekend.  Even better I got to be in the "Pro" Cropped Challenge that was held on Saturday.  (I think it's pretty funny that Megan considered me to be a papercrafting "pro")

The first round of the Challenge was to create a card in 25 minutes using the mystery products provided.  The mystery package included: white cardstock, Kraft cardstock, a roll of Snazzy tape, a sheet of Sili-Craftz and....a pop can tab.

Here's the card I made:

I used the Kraft cardstock as the base, wrapped the Snazzy tape around the white cardstock, used a punch to cut the heart shape from the Sili-Craftz sheet, tucked the pop tab behind it and attached it with a brad, and cut the sentiment out of the Snazzy tape using the Expression2.  A little Megan Elizabeth Ink Edgerz in Limelight and some more brads and I was done.

Here are the other 3 entries:
Created by (from left to right): Abbey from the Craft-e-Corner blog, Shawn from Craftychics, and Carrie from Craft-e-Corner.

This round was a tie between my card and Abbey's.  The tie-breaker judge selected my card as the winner for the first round.  Carrie was the first participant "Cropped" from the competition.

The second round of the Competition was to create a scrapbook layout with a fall theme in one hour using the mystery supplies provided.  We were given some fall themed scrapbook paper, 2 sheets of Paperlayerz by Megan Elizabeth, a rhinestone sheet...and a Coca-cola can.  This time I came in second place.  My layout is below on the left.  The cute one on the right is Shawn's from CraftyChics:

Where's the coke can you ask?  I took a little creative license and used the can to round out the corners of the layout.  (Shawn actually cut the word "nice" out of the side of the coke can - genius!)

Abbey won the round with this layout:

Since Shawn came in 3rd place, she was the next one "Cropped".  It was down to just Abbey and I for the home decor themed third round.

We were given a shadow box, some Christmas themed paper, Candi's, puzzle pieces, gold thread, Megan Elizabeth Alpha Stickerz, bubble wrap and only one hour.

Here's my Christmas themed shadow box:

Abbey and I both used the bubble wrap to "stamp" on our projects.  The ornaments and Noel were cut from the Close To My Heart Artiste cartridge.  I made the tree by folding strips of paper and attaching them one on top of each other.  The puzzle pieces are stacked under the tree to give it a little height.

Here's Abbey's very clever project:

She wrapped her shadow box like a present, using the puzzle pieces inside so they made noise when you shook the package - just like a real present!

The vote for the third round went in my favor and I was named winner of the "Pro" Cropped Challenge!  What an exciting and totally fun event!  I hope to be invited back for the next one so I can defend my title :)

Now...Go Scrap Something!

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  1. It was so fun to get to craft with you! All of your projects were WONDERFUL!

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