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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Craft Space Re-Do Part 3

As I've mentioned craft space is not technically a room because it doesn't have 4 walls and a door. (We've called it The Loft since we bought the house in 2004.)  We got really lucky when we found furniture to fit in here at a garage sale, especially since the one side of the space only has a half a wall.

The furniture was originally for a bedroom, so I've re-purposed the dresser as a desk.  The small folding stool fits under it nicely though if I'm going to be doing computer work for a long time, I move the laptop to The Table in the middle of the room where I can sit more comfortably.  The ottoman to the right was my original desk chair but it was a tad too short so now I just use it for storage.

Two chests also line this half wall.  There are lots of drawers and it's a nice long, flat space to keep my printer, (some of my) die-cutting machines and Cuttlebug:

I also came up with a way to hide all the cords from said machines:
A power strip, label maker and 15 minutes and I no longer have to guess what is plugged in where.  The best part is that I ran all the cords behind the machines and then down between the furniture and the wall, then thru a hole in the one chest next to my desk and into the power strip.  I can close the door and  I don't see - or trip - over any of the cords.

I still have a couple more parts to share....are you enjoying the tour???


  1. Great work space!

  2. Ingenious use of a bedroom set. I am currently redoing my workspace as well. I'm using Three bookcases from Ikea.

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  4. I have been following this series from it very first days and this person never disappoint me as well. Very interesting trip, Captain!