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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Craft Space Re-Do Part 2

This post is all about... The Table.

The amount of flat space - or Real Estate -  that I have to work on is really, really, really important to me.  Really.  For some reason, if I can't spread out...I can't create.  So before The Table came into my life, I used any space I could find in my scrap area, including the floor.  Or the bed in the spare room.  And the floor next to the bed.  Or if I really got going on a project, I'd load up a laundry basket with supplies and haul it all downstairs so I could spread out on the dining room table...which really baffled my husband.

So when I decided it was time for a re-do, I had to have the perfect table.  And I was picky.   I wanted it to be counter-height so I could stand and work if I wanted to and so I could put storage underneath if I needed it.  I wanted enough space for two people to crop comfortably.  I wanted it to be big, but I also wanted to be able to move easily around it.  I wanted it to match the rest of my furniture.  Oh... and I didn't want to spend more than $75 on it.  Not THAT tall of an order....ummm....right??

Once again, my husband - the King of Craig's List - comes through...

It definitely didn't start out like what you see above.  But my husband saw potential is this $55 steal that looked like this when we went to pick it up:

As you can see it was painted a dark, dark cherry and it was pretty beat up.  But it was solidly built and my husband was convinced that I could strip off the old paint and re-do it to match the rest of my furniture.  (He made it sound like I was going to have to do the re-finishing but the man has never met a project he didn't like, so before I could say "Hey you think you could....?" , he had out the belt sander and was going to town.  He'll use any excuse to use a power tool).  Off came the old paint and under was a beautiful solid piece of cherry furniture.  He stained and sealed and ta-dah - The Table was born.

It was high enough to put one of the end tables I already had underneath it and the counter stools are from Target:

Now...I'm sure you are wondering about that awesome organizational thingy I've got on top, right?  Here's a closer look at it:

The bottom is from an earring display rack that I picked up at a garage sale forever ago.  I had it in the "to be pitched" pile when I was cleaning out my scrap space....until I took a closer look at it.  I can't find the actual picture of it, but it looked something like this:

Rotating earring display

I unscrewed the top part and threw it out, so all I had left was the bottom part that spins...kinda like a lazy susan.  (Ikea has wood lazy susan's for $8 if you don't have an old earring display laying around....)

The baskets are from the dollar bins at Target (I have such a love/hate relationship with that part of the store) 3 for a buck.  I bought 3 sets because I used them in my closet too (more on that later).  I hot glued 4 of the baskets to my lazy susan in a circle but left enough room in the middle for a glass baby food jar.  I didn't glue down the middle jar...I wanted to be able to put water or mineral spirits in it, so it just lifts right out.

Ahhh yes...I love my spinning organizational thing almost as much as the table itself....

The tour isn't over just yet....check back on Monday to see the rest...

Now...Go Scrap Something!


  1. Love the idea for the lazy Susan! I have been wanting to do something for my table that spins but wasn't sure what, thanks for the great ideas!!!

  2. Oh Britten, you are my idol. If you would like to come to Ohio at any point to help my pathetic sense of decorating and organizing a scrap room, you are more than welcome! ;)))