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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bedroom Re-dos

My girls.  They never really had a finished room.  Not even a nursery.  We started to do it while I was pregnant and then I was put in the hospital for the second half of the pregnancy.  Hubby did the best he could, but we ended up just settling for some mis-matched furniture and no real theme.  I thought I would re-do it when they moved into toddler beds at 3, but nope....still didn't.

I'm not sure how this all got started.  I think it had something to do with my friend Nancy and I at last month's Fishhawk Garage Sale.  I told her we were thinking of bunk beds for the girls, but they had to be the ones with the stairs (the ladder ones just made me nervous).  So we looked at several that day but didn't find exactly what I had in mind.   But about a week later, Nancy sent an email with the exact bunk beds I was looking for....on Craig's List. In excellent condition.  At a ridiculously good price.  Sold.

I always told BP that I thought - when the time was right - we would give the girls our bedroom furniture and buy new stuff for us.  We paid $200 for our bedroom set at an estate sale in 2002.  It's from 1963 (there's a stamp on the back of the mirror that says so).  It just made more sense to give 4-year-olds furniture that was still nice...but not brand new.  So that meant we had to buy new furniture for us.  (See how I did that??)

Here's some pics of the girls' new room.  I found the bedding and accessories at Target.  It's called Love n' Nature Collection and it's just the cutest.  I was worried Breena wouldn't like it because it wasn't purple, but she actually loves it.

BP really wanted to keep the papasan because he sits there with them at night before bed to read.  I agreed but said I wanted a new cushion.  Then I looked up how much new cushions for those things were.  Yikes.  So I found a DIY papasan cushion slipcover tutorial and I'm going to attempt to make a cover that coordinates with their room much better... and at about a 1/3 of the price of a brand new one.

I still have decorating to do.  I want to frame some pictures to put up and I want to put their names on the wall somehow.  But they love their new room.

And I love mine!

Here's the sage-y green color it was before:

And here's what it looks like now:
The furniture isn't's more of an off-white with a dark wood top.  It's also a distressed, shabby-chic   (BP had a hard time coming to terms with the fact that we bought brand new furniture that looks old and used on purpose.)  I wanted an iron bed.  He wanted wood.  This was our compromise.

Here's some more pics:
We got rid of the awful vertical blinds over the slider and replaced them with grommet topped panels in a deep red to match the bedding. (not sure why this pic is so dark)
The mirror that goes on this dresser was broken during delivery.  We should have the replacement by Friday.

I still have some decorating to do in here, but I love how peaceful and light it now is.  Unlike a lot of homes in Florida, all of our trim and doors are a cherry instead of the usual white.  Putting light colored furniture in this room really brightened it up.

Now....what can I re-do next....????


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  4. Nice job on two rooms. Isn't it fun to get a fresh start. I recently re-did the master bedroom in grey, black and white. I painted my dressers and headboard white, the walls a medium grey and have some pictures in black and white. It was my intention to buy some pillows in a contrasting color like teal or that new lime green color but still have not completed it. I got the duvet cover at Ikea (love that store) and it's white background with grey. I am still loving it 7 months later.
    The reading chair in the girls room looks like a perfect book reading chair. Nice of you to keep it for your hubby and the girls.