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Thursday, November 11, 2010


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(Three years later and Breena is still making Baylinn cry.)

I usually don't read the paper that comes to our house Thursday thru Sunday. Well, except for the circulars on Sundays (read: Joann's and Michael's coupons). But Brian brought it in today and set it on the kitchen counter so I looked through it while sipping my first cup of coffee. As I read just the first section, I was reminded why I tend to avoid it and the t.v. news.

It's Veterans Day so the front page article is indeed about a man who is a vet in the Iraq war. He came home with all his limbs, without a bullet wound, without any shrapnel in his body. Instead he suffers from a cancer that was caused from toxins he was exposed to during one of his Iraq tours of duty.

Also on the front page: a local guidance counselor in our neighboring town arrested for possession of child pornography. Lots of it.

Then there is the snippet that says "Injured triplet comes out of coma" - which I suppose would be the good news of the day, if I didn't already know that her sister had died in the tragic accident that put 5-year old Gabrielle in a coma in the first place. The triplets were playing in their neighbor's yard when a woman driving carelessly after a fight with her husband ran them down.

I don't know why I kept reading. Maybe I was looking for something good, something positive. Instead I came across the article about the 9th graders who took guns to school for "protection." A mom from my scrapbooking group has a daughter who is in the same class as these boys...a mom who spent hours scared for her youngest who was on lockdown while the school was searched and the guns were found.

Should I continue? There was the story about Elizabeth Smart testifying against the deranged man who kidnapped her at knifepoint from her home when she was 14. Then the one about selling a book offering advice to pedophiles.

Finally the obituaries. Amongst the paragraphs noting the long lives of area residents, was a tiny pic of a bald, smiling little boy. Ezra David Matthews lost his fight against neuroblastoma on November 8. He was 2 years old. I looked up at my 3-year olds, who were pouting because I had just yelled at them - again- for fighting over toys (we have 2 of just about everything but this doesn't seem to matter.)

My girls drive me nuts. They are the reason that a glass of wine and a bubble bath is part of my nightly routine. But they are healthy. Happy.


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