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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Into every life a little water must leak...

Wait. That's not how the song goes.

The pile of wet wood you see above is my 5-month old floor.

Yes, it's been a damp 2010.

I came home Monday around noon to find a couple puddles of water in the hallway and the powder room. I thought maybe the toilet was leaking a little. Brian thought so too. Until I walked into our bedroom... and the floor squished.

We've got a leaky pipe....somewhere under the concrete slab the house sits on. Until they figure out where that leak is and get it fixed, we have no running water. Which sucks.

The plumber is here now so I am just hoping and praying this is fixed....soon.


Now on to some happier news...

A bride-to-be and her mom purchased two of my rings at the craft fair a couple weeks ago. She liked it so much that she asked me to make her bridesmaids rings to wear at the wedding. I also made her these cute little boxes. Her colors are burgundy and brown.

Yep, that is a paper flower...dipped in enamel to give it high gloss and protect the paper.

It took me several tries to perfect the process for these rings but I just love how they look. It's just a fun piece of jewelry (and for $7, it's cheap too!)


The last news I have to report is all about Club Ruby...and it's BIG!

Starting tomorrow - October 28 - Club Ruby will be opening up a basic membership to EVERYONE for FREE! There will also be other higher levels of membership with lots and lots of perks that will be available at a ridiculously small cost per month. So be sure to check out the Club Ruby site tomorrow for all of the details.

I was also asked if I was interested in a promotion to Master Designer for Club Ruby. My answer of course was "HELL YEAH!!"

I have loved being a part of such a talented Design Team and working for Megan and Sean has been a fantastic experience. They are so down-to-earth and superbly genuine. I love that they love what they do.

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  1. Again? You just have no look in the dry floor dept. BUT congrats on your promotion! And I'll see you Saturday! Make sure you bring a crown headband for me please!