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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hold On Tight

Yesterday was an emotional day.

I had an absolutely wonderful day at the St. Andrews Craft Fair. The weather was near perfect (except for the wind gusts that threatened to blow away my ultra-light-weight paper jewelry). The fair-goers really had an awesome response to my jewelry so it sold better than I expected and I know my friend Angie had something to do with that (Angie is the "A" in our NABS Scrapbook Group). She volunteered to help me out at the fair, so she showed up wearing all of my jewelry and became a walking, talking advertisement for my little business. And it worked.

(I know, I know....I need a big sign.)

Angie is moving back to her hometown in Michigan this week and she is going to be missed by so many people here in Florida. Our NABS group is just not going to be the same without our vowel.

(Angie and I at our NABS Halloween crop last night)

After the long day at the craft fair, I came home to grab a snack, a shower and some scrap stuff and headed out to our Halloween Costume Crop.

(Group Photo)

(This is N.A.B.S - Nancy, Angie, Britten, Sharon)

Even though we lost touch for awhile, we have all been scrapping together for several years. We re-discovered each other through another scrapbook group on in 2009 and when that group fizzled, Angie and I formed NABS in June of this year.

While it is always great to crop with these girls, it was a bittersweet night because we knew it was Angie's last crop with us. I hate saying good-bye. I'm just not good at it.

I also learned yesterday that a few of my scrappy friends have also been dealing with deaths of loved ones and job loss. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

Happiest of Halloween everyone.


  1. Who knew October 30, 2011 would be such a tough day? I remember Angie... Give her my best please.

  2. Glad to hear you did well at the craft fair! Where is Angie's hometown here in Michigan? Maybe we can add a vowel to our group. I know that won't help you much, but we always have room for another crafter in our bunch!


  3. Awww Britten, I didn't see this til just now. :( I feel like crying, I miss you so much girl! It was a VERY hard night, I cried so hard.
    We did a great thing starting that group.
    Hi Summer, I remember you too. :)