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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hey Look! New Stuff!

Ever since I finished up my 3 Club Ruby Design Team projects for October, I've been making items for the craft fairs I have coming up.

Everything I've made so far as been for grown-ups. But I definitely think I'd be crazy not to tap into the little girl market so here are a couple new things I've been trying out. Luckily I have two girls with tons of hair to model for me. (These would look a little silly if I had boys.)

If I can get some more made, I might stick a couple in my etsy shop too, just to see what happens.

Once Baylinn saw this headband with the crown, she wasn't interested in trying on anything else.

Pumpkin barrette.

Bat barrette.
Crown barrette.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!


  1. Very cute, the pumpkin is my fave! :)

    Love, Ky

  2. Looks great! This looks like it might be a great seller for all those moms at the craft fair who have "Mommy guilt" for leaving their children for a few hours! I know I'd get one for that reason....
    BTW Keagan LOVED the bat (hint hint!).

  3. Save me a crown headband please. I'll add to my other purchases at the set Andrews craft show.