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Monday, October 4, 2010

The Gift of Gab?

Whoever coined this phrase never met Breena.

The child loves the sound of her own voice. She talks constantly. If she can't think of something to talk about she just makes statements. I call her Captain Obvious.

For instance:
"Momma, you having coffee. You wiping off the table. You wearing black. You a girl. I'm a girl. Boomer's a boy. Daddy's a boy." See what I mean? Captain Obvious.

It might be the worst in the car. Breena tells me how to drive ("slow down!" "stop!" "go!"), makes random statements like "trees don't talk," and then she loves to attempt to get my attention while I'm driving with "look at me momma!" and "watch this!"

I took them to the mall yesterday morning and Breena talked non-stop in the car until the usually quiet Baylinn actually yelled "Stop talking!"

Brian says to ignore her. That just makes her more determined. "Momma, you not talking. You not talking to me? Momma. Momma. MOMMA! What's wrong Momma?" Holy crap.

She has invented her own language:
"papa ernie" = pepperoni
"the crap store" = the craft store
"scraperate" = scrapbooking
"sip sups" = flip flops
"apple starts with a b. Baaa. Apple" (we are working on this)

The irony of all this?
Last week Brian and I went to the girls' preschool for their Open House. Both teachers told us how "quiet and reserved" Breena is. I'm not kidding. They thought Baylinn was the first born and the dominant twin because she can be quite bossy - especially to Breena - while at school. They said they actually "felt bad" for Breena because Baylinn takes things from her and tells her what to do. I just stood there with my mouth hanging open. We thought maybe the teachers had them mixed up, so we gave them a quick quiz, but nope, they knew Breena was the red-head.

Go figure.


  1. Lol! Gotta love 'em :) Your girls are so cute!

  2. HAHA! I love them girlies so much! When can we see you guys!??!?!?!?! Seriously... Shoot me an email! :)

    Love, Ky

  3. Just love that picture! It's so crazy how kids switch to a whole new personality when we are not around.