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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Tour

I don't have a scrap room. Using the word "room" makes one assume that I would have a door. And walls. So I usually call it my scrap area. It's actually a kind of loft at the top of the steps on the second floor of our house. I'm lucky to have a dedicated space to do my thing...but some days I really wish I had a door. With a lock.

Usually when a crafter posts pics of her scrappin' space, she cleans it up first. I decided that I would let you take a peek at my area -- as is. I was in the middle of 3 different projects when I got the inspiration to take these pictures. So if you are offended by anything less than neat or might want to look away now. (Don't say I didn't warn you.)

First up is the wide angle you can see all of the chaos at once...

Here's the right side. On the other side of that half wall behind the units with the drawers are the stairs. We got the furniture from a neighbor who was selling it at a garage sale. It's made of monkeywood from Thailand and was custom designed for her son's bedroom. She sold it all to us for $150. It is beautiful and sturdy. You just don't ever see much of it because it's always buried under all my stuff but it fits in this space perfectly.

The drawers just don't hold all scrapbooking stuff. I have books and office supplies in there too. When this is cleaned off (which is never), this is a really nice place to spread out.

This is the left side where my computer and printer is, along with my ribbon hanging thing that I made myself from a curtain rod and some clips from the drapery department at Joann.

Here's my favorite part of the room.
My Scrapbox. Here is what it looks like when it's closed...and when it's open and organized beautifully:


Now here's mine:

Uh-huh. You see now why I showed you the picture from the website first.

It does fit perfectly in the little alcove at the end of the room. And it does look really nice when it's all closed up. But it makes me sad when I can't see all my scrappy goodies, so I leave it open 99% of the time. I do close it when we have guests staying with us. (Sometimes).

My Expression sits on this little table caddy-corner to my desk, so I can plug my computer into the E when I'm cutting something from SCAL. The drawer underneath holds all my cricut cartridges.

Finally....I decided to share this one last picture with you:

Pictured above is part of our spare bedroom - which is right across from my scrap area. When I run out of space in my craft area (which means I need to clean it up and don't want to) I usually end up in here on the floor between the wall and the bed. If I'm worried about making too much noise while the girls are napping, I set up my baby bug in here to make cuts. That white thing on the nightstand is my makeshift photo box where I use the natural light from the window to take pictures of my projects and my jewelry for etsy. I really do clean this up when we have overnight guests....

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my scrap area. If you have any questions, post them in the comments section and then check back later. I'll answer them there.

Now, I really should make something with all the stuff in here.


  1. Ohhhhhhhhh, I like it :D. I find it hard to create if everything is clean lol. Though lately I've been reorganizing, and it's a bit of a zoo. But I've been creating like crazy... if I can find what I'm looking for lol.

    I have a large piece of plywood on sawhorses, but I'd love to trade that in for a scrapbox. Do they deliver to 2nd floors? lol.

    My craft room is guarded by a Sscat (motion activated air can. The cats won't even go near it. The dog won't go near it (and she's allowed because she doesn't jump upand tip over a pile of creations lol). I'm thinking it won't work on 3yos either :D.

  2. Love your room. Had to laugh at the ad pic of the scrapbox and then a pic of your scrapbox, LOL! Looks like a great space to hang out and craft!!

  3. you know I zoomed in on every picture and studied it like a stalker. What are the tags hanging at the end of your ribbon holder? And I'm now going to hang a light from my Scrapbox. GENIUS! I was coloring last night and got frustrated because my shadows kept blocking what I was doing.
    One more thing: Can you say PURGE?

  4. Ms. Snap - I meant that the clip thing I use to hang up my ribbons is homemade. Not that the ribbons are. (I fixed the post so no one else thinks I'm weaving homemade ribbons in my spare time. lol)

  5. Summer-the tags hanging at the end of my ribbon thing are different stamping techniques that I learned at several Stampin Up! classes taught by my demonstrator. On the front of each of the tags is an example of the techique...the back has the instructions on how to re-create it. They are on a key ring, so I just slipped them over the end of my ribbon holder. (Cuz you see what my Scrapbox looks like...I'd never see them again if I put them in there.)

  6. Britten, your space is awesome! Looks like there is a spot for everything and I love that. That Scrapbox is a work of art in and of itself. I love all of the different cubbies and storage thingies (I'm sure there is a more appropriate word, but it's late and my brain is starting to shut down...LOL!). I am also jealous that you have a spare room to move the overflow to. No such luxury on my end. In fact, we ditched the bed we had in our extra bedroom and now that's where my work desk resides. My mom's feelings were so hurt when I opted to do that, she hasn't been for a visit since the beginning of the year. Hubby's happy, but I could use a little mom time :)

  7. I counted those cartridges. All I can say is OMG. I do love your space. Looks like a lot of creatin' going on in there. Glenna

  8. lol I was thinking whaaaaaaaat? homemade ribbons??? :D.

    Course I used to make a lot of things from scratch (but never ever my own ribbons lol). This was partially because I was reallly poor, paritally because it was really fun, paritally because it was harder to find things I reallly liked out in the market (think of the scrapbooking/crafting world 17 years ago if you are old enough to remember lol). But I'm getting a lot more projects made with "ready-made" stuff lol.

  9. Gorgeous space, Britten! That ScrapBox is to die for!! Would love to have something like that! TFS your creative space!! :-)