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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Baylinn: "Let's play with this ball Sissy!"

Breena: "Why?"

Baylinn: "Because I said so!" where in the world could she have heard that phrase from??!!!


  1. lol Right there with you! Can't tell you how many times I hear back "I'm about at the end of my rope!" or..... "1,2,3...."

  2. yep, i've heard breena trying "count" her sister too!

    the other day i handed something to breena to put away. she turned around and handed it to baylinn and told her to put it away! already delegating at the mature age of 3!

    they are not napping today but i made them go lay in their beds with a book until 4. it's been raining all day and they are climbing the walls. mommy needs a break!

  3. BHAHAHA. Miss Bossy. ;)

    Love, Makay