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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Life Is Full

...of pee.

(If you thought this was gonna be a sappy, mushy blog post about how my life feels full again because we have wonderful kids and a new puppy and blah, blah, blah...then this is obviously the first time you've read my blog....)

Footsteps above woke me up at 5am. I looked at the video monitor just in time to see Breena getting out of her toddler bed - buck naked. I went upstairs and discovered that she had wet the bed and then stripped off her wet nightgown. So I wiped her down, put her in dry pjs, changed the bed and tucked her back in. I attempted to sneak back to bed, but Boomer was whimpering so I went in the kitchen to check on him. He had peed in his crate. I took him outside and then came back in to clean out his crate. As soon as I put his furry butt down, he did a hop and a skip and pooped on the floor. *sigh* More lysol, more cleaning and it was now after 5:30 and neither of us were going back to sleep. Boomer and I crashed on the couch watching Married with Children (an oldie but goodie) until the girls woke up at 7.

I hope to get back to posting about making stuff....soon. We had a NABS crop on Monday night and it was great to be creative again. I'm headed to Joann's later today to get a bell for Boomer's collar (ok, so maybe I'll browse the scrapbook section too) so we can keep track of him a little easier.


  1. Thanks for the laugh :D. You will look back with fondness at the puddles of pee when you catch up on your sleep in a few years lol. Don't forget there is a cartridge sale at Jo-anns this week (until 8/14), $33.99, and you get a $10 card for every $50 to use at a later time. I finally picked up elegant cake cart for papercrafting purposes.

  2. Awww. Sorry. I hope it gets better soon.