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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another Non-Scrappy Post

I was outside in the side yard with Boomer this morning, when I noticed the bottom part of the lanai kind of something was walking between the shrubs and the lanai and bumping into the screen. I assumed it was a cat and bent down to pick up Boomer before he could see it and give chase.

But the thing that emerged from the shrubbery was SO not a cat....

Being originally from Southwestern Pennsylvania, I had never seen an armadillo up close before (not counting the ones that I see as road kill) and a two foot long creature that looked just like that picture above passed about 4 feet from me.

I'm not gonna lie. It freaked me out. And it came right towards Boomer and me. As I backed up towards the screen door in a panic, numerous thoughts flashed through my head:

*That's the ugliest critter I have ever seen.
*It's wearing armor. Can it get to us through the screen?
*I wish I had my pepper spray. And my cell phone (I have no idea who I would've called. 911? The pound? It's not like I have this guy in my contact list.)

The creature was apparently late for a meeting because it moved quickly and with purpose. Though it came close, it didn't seem to notice us and just cut right through our hedges into the neighbors back yard. *shudder*

Now I have to add armadillos to the list of things I attempt to avoid while outside in my yard. Other things on my list include: Wasps, bees or stinging insects of any kind. Snakes(!!!). My next door neighbors. Large birds with long pointy beaks. Nutria rats. Alligators (not that I've ever seen one in my yard, but it seems like I'm about due.)


  1. lol I love armadillos. My sister and I were sent to Camp Dorothy Thomas. It is a camp the Aadams Family kids would have loved. Although current campers love the food, so it may have changed since I remember getting leftover c-raations (it was 1966 afterall).

    Back to the armadillos, there was a hole in the tent platform under my bed. And everynight an armadillo would pop up through it and wander about. It was one of the best things about a camp where you realllly don't want to know about the latrines and we had to travel in little girl scout packs so, and I quote the counselor that first day, "If you are carried away by an alligator, we'll know what happened to you." I'm not very fond of alligators btw. I believe it was a rather swamp-like camp.

  2. OMGOSH! That is so freakin scary