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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What's Up?

Man, I've been busy. My crafty to-do list never seems to get shorter...I just keep adding stuff to the bottom of it.

Above Rubies Studio is getting to kick off Club Ruby in August, which means I've been designing my butt off for that. I've been asked to make a couple 12x12 scrapbook albums for other people. I had some custom jewelry to make. I have two craft fairs coming up in October that I'm trying to make inventory for. There were a bunch of events in July I made cards for. And of course, there's the house to clean, the kids to yell at, dinner to cook, groceries to buy.

Here's one of the birthday cards I made for hubby's niece. I think it came out cute.

And here's a card I made for his nephew - who also had a birthday in July. In my opinion, boy birthday cards are not any easier than man birthday cards!

Thank for looking...!

1 comment:

  1. Yeah they were soooo cute! :)

    BTW Kade said- I LOVE THE SUPER STICKER! It feels weird! hahahahhaha... He has it in his room on his desk. ;)

    You are so creative. :)

    love, Makay