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Thursday, July 15, 2010

So there was this SNAKE... my bedroom the other day...

Yeah, not exactly something that I want to say more than once a lifetime.

I had just put the girls down for a nap. I came downstairs, got the clean sheets out of the dryer and walked into our bedroom to put them on. As I came around to my side of the bed (of course it would be on my side) I looked down.....and started screaming.

The next thing I know, I'm standing on the bed hyperventilating while my husband pounds down the steps to find out what appendage I have severed because that is the only thing that could've caused a scream that long and loud.

I don't know how I got on top of the bed. And I don't recall the exact conversation we had while he was standing in the door (when he saw me standing on the bed, he didn't come very far into the room), but it was something like this:

Him: What's wrong?!
Him: What?
Me: A SNAKE!!!!!
Him: Where?!
Me: On the floor BESIDE THE BED!
Him: I'll be right back.
Me: NO! I'm coming with you!!!
Him: You stay here and watch it in case it moves.
(I hear some noise in the kitchen and then he's back with....tupperware.
As he heads for the snake, I yell...)

Me: WAIT! Get my camera!
Him: What?!?!
Me: I want to take pictures.
Him: Why don't you wait til I trap it first.
Me: Okay, that's probably a better idea.

If you compare the size of the snake to hubby's hand on the tupperware, this obviously wasn't of the boa constrictor variety. But still....IT WAS IN MY BEDROOM.

We debated on whether to kill it or not. Killing it in the bedroom (on our new, post-flood, wood floors as hubby pointed out) seemed kind of gross, so he managed to scoot the thing out the sliders and in to the yard. So the beast lives. For now at least.

Since the incident, I've managed to scare the hell out of myself on at least two more occasions. One turned out to be just a stretchy, black headband that was under the bed and the second one was a pair of black stretchy pants that I left pooled on the floor of the walk-in closet.

I'm not sure if I'll ever fully recover....


  1. Oh my gosh! I HATE snakes! We just got transfred from Boston to Louisianna and bought our first house and in the first month my kids found a snake in the yard. My husband put it in a tupperwear and my youngest son found out I was terrified and chased me thought the house with the tupperwear that held the snake untill I locked myself in the bathroom! I am leary of going out back now, I can't imagine if it was in my bedroom!! I don't think I could ever sleep again.

  2. Oh, thanks for the laugh. I love that in all the chaos, you thought of taking a picture. Isn't it funny how we now look at all our life experiences through a camera lens now and question if this will be blogworthy or scrapworthy? :-) I'm glad it was a little snake.

  3. EWWWWWWWWW! :P I am sorry Aunt Britten. That is disgusting I would totally flip. When we lived in Ga. there was a mouse under my bed... I have been paranoid ever since- and no I don't care if it was because we lived by a horse farm... makes no difference to me... there was a MOUSE! :P EW. So yeah, I feel ya. haha


  4. lol, I actually like snakes, but I like to know where they are and not be surprised by them. I reached into a flower bed and turned a snake instead of the water valve. Snake went one way, and I went the other lol. I love the dialogue you had with your husband. Good thinking to take a picutre : D.

  5. one question: Where's Momma Snake?

  6. I never knew how much I hated snakes until that day in Florida, shen you and the girls were coming over to scrapbook and there was a snake lying quietly accross the threshhold of the front door, when I got home. You guys were due in 15 minutes and the snake didn;t move! I threws rocks, it didn't move, finally in a panic, I went over to my neighbor Joe's and pleaded with him to come and remove the snake! Phew, I didn't tell you guys until the following meetup! By then it was funny, that night, not so much!

  7. i am so glad the snake is alive- he might keep other things away. ;)