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Sunday, July 4, 2010

I'm Obsessed...

..with making these bracelets.

I've got a ton (a TON!) of other stuff I should be doing, but this compressed paper and acrylic paint keeps calling my name. I've used up the grungeboard sheet that Angie gave me so I convinced hubby to stop at Tuesday Morning yesterday so I could run in and buy more - while he stayed in the car with the girls. Such a good hubby I have!

I even figured how to attach snaps (which I found at Walmart of all places). I've been using the paint I have in my stash, but I keep thinking about heading out to Walmart in the pouring rain for more colors. And more snaps.

I'm not sure if these are something I will sell on etsy. I would probably have to try to make them adjustable or custom make them to size. Until I decide, I'll just keep making them for myself!


  1. Um, your favorite cousin-in-law would happily wear one of those around, I'm just saying....

  2. love the little obsessions! So glad you followed yours. Hi from a fellow flyer! I just followed ya! I am at -Robin