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Friday, June 25, 2010

So....Yesterday Sucked

But today has been better. :)

One of my 3-year olds actually helped me get over myself...

Baylinn has refused to jump in to the pool by herself this year. Something has been holding her back. Fear? Uncertainty? I'm not really sure. But suddenly yesterday she took that first step all by herself.

After she hit the water she yelled, "MOMMY I DID IT!" I was so proud of her for getting over her fear, for not giving up. Of course that's when it occurred to me that I was thinking of giving up. That I wanted to quit because I was afraid. That I was afraid of taking that big step into the unknown.

I want my girls to see me try my hardest at something...even if there is the very real possibility that I might fail.


  1. This is awesome! I think we forget to celebrate the small "wins" sometimes, so this really puts that into perspective ;D

  2. don't give up, just take baby steps or the plunge, like your daughter....