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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Grab Your Ice Skates

Hell has officially frozen over.

I'm on Facebook.

I pretended FB didn't even exist for quite a long time. When I was asked - repeatedly - why I was not on FB, I calmly responded "Facebook is evil."

Why did I change my mind? I didn't really. I still think that FB sucks huge amounts of time that could be best spent elsewhere doing something productive. I have read the stories about the people who have lost jobs and gotten divorced over content published on Facebook. But the e-course on creative business I'm taking (the link is there on the sidebar) strongly suggests being a part of both Facebook and Twitter. So since I paid for that advice, I figured I'd better take it.

So there I am. I am on the FB bandwagon. Or maybe I fell off the wagon? I dunno. But I do know this...

I am NOT farming....

1 comment:

  1. I don't farm either! I very briefly played Mafia Wars and then realized it was "Evil", LOL! So now whenever one of my friends starts playing a new game, I just click on the hide and tell it to hide the games! Recently I've started wishing I could also hide all the inane pages that people join!

    I'm sure that you;ll love FB as a means of keeping in touch with friends though!