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Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Crap Store

(In the car this morning:)

Me: Okay girls, we've got to go to the craft store real quick, then we'll get some lunch and then we gotta make a stop at the mall.
Breena: The crap store?
Me: The craFT store, sweetie.
Breena: (slight pause while she's thinking) You gettin' stuff to scraperate at the crap store?
Me: (sigh) Yes baby, stuff to scraperate.


  1. haha. Breena is a hoot. haha. Maybe we can see you guys when we go down for vacation? hmmm. hahaha we will be there 18-26th. bring the girlies for a beach day. :D

    that is hilarious ma claims I used to call "coupons" "tampons"... haha. Kids say the craziest things eh?


  2. Toooooo cute! You need to crap that! Oooops, I mean scrap that! (tee-hee) :-)

  3. I love scraperating (can that be a word in Words with Friends) AND visits to the crap store also!


  4. I'm off to scraperate all that (s)crap stuff that's hanging around, LOL! Too cute!