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Monday, May 24, 2010

An Anti-Crack Post

I decided to come upstairs and post for a number of reasons:

1) The girls are still napping.
2) The air conditioner up here works.
3) I really don't want to start dinner in my hot kitchen.
4) The tile guy is here working in the downstairs bathroom and every time he bends over, his jeans come down in the back which prominently displays about 4 inches of butt crack.
(Now this post title makes sense, doesn't it??)

Thankfully the girls didn't notice the er, "exposure", earlier because they would've pointed and said something both hysterical and terribly inappropriate.

I actually had a moment - probably brought on by stress and heat exhaustion - where I was going to take a picture of said crack and put it here on my blog to accompany this post. You can thank me later for resisting the urge not to scrap that particular memory....


Okay, how about I show you something I actually made out of paper....since that really is the purpose of this blog....

This is a baby card for my friend who is expecting her third child - a boy. I saw that scallop layering idea on a sketch blog (I can't remember which site or when I saw it exactly) and wanted to try it out. That cute frog stamp is one of those dollar ones (not Studio G, the other one). Brown cardstock and matching ribbon are from Papertrey Ink. The tiny tags and baby stamp are SU!

As always...thanks for looking and hey, why not leave me a comment since you're already here??


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Sunday, May 23, 2010


Bad stuff happens in 3's. I don't know who invented that "rule" or whatever it is, but it's just how [insert bad word here] happens...

First there was The Flood.
Second there was The Broken Air Conditioner on the 2nd Floor (which is only 3 years old, btw).

And now for the Grand Finale....
We have The Broken Air Conditioner on the 1st Floor.

*deep and and out*


I'm going to attempt to look at the bright side now...

The repairs from The Flood are almost complete. Our wood laminate was replaced last week. This week we should have our kitchen cabinet back, the bathroom fixed and all the tile work done.

The upstairs A/C broke while we were on vacation. Our A/C guy is also our neighbor so he was able to fix it before we got home AND it was under warranty.

The downstairs A/C is 21 years old and was going to have to be replaced at some point, so of course, why not now?? The part that went bad actually caught on fire, so we are lucky that it didn't burn down our house.

I am currently resisting the urge to crawl under the bed (the one upstairs, where it's cool) and not coming out until someone gives the "All Clear!" sign. But as much as I want to hibernate, I can't. I've got projects due for my Design Team. There is a Scrapbook Expo that I've been looking forward to this coming weekend. My mother-in-law is arriving Saturday and staying for 5 days. And the girls turn 3 on Sunday. Of course, there is also the usual shopping, cooking, cleaning, bill paying and child rearing.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Makeover

My friend Jess is having a baby shower on Sunday. Her mom - who only had the best intentions, I'm sure - ordered these tubes of hand cream as favors for the shower:
While very cute, they didn't really seem to say "Boy baby on the way!" so when Jess told me how disappointed she was with these, I volunteered to give the tubes a boyish makeover. Jess also wanted a thank you tag attached. This is how the tubes (all 40 of them!) look now:
The two-sided cardstock is from American Crafts - courtesy of Tuesday Morning. 25 sheets for 2 bucks! The "Many Thanks" Stamp is SU!.

(Sorry for the crappy pics. I took them with my cell phone.)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Where Have You Been?

I've been at the beach (without internet or email access *gasp*)...thanks for asking!

We had a vacation planned for this past week, and it really couldn't have come at a better time. It was great not to have to deal with the insurance company, the restoration company and the water company for a whole week. But now we are home and hoping that we will have a real floor again soon.

The girls loved the beach and the pool, hubby loved fishing in the ocean, and I loved drinking margaritas with my toes in the sand.

I packed my cricut, my gypsy, and my scrappy supplies, but didn't do much of anything creative. Now I that I'm home, unpacked and re-charged, I'm ready to get some things going again. I have my first Club Ruby Design Team projects due soon for Above Rubies Studio. I've made a number of things with the awesome Club Ruby kit but I think I'm going to do some tweaking to a couple before I officially submit them.

I've got some other scrappy-related ideas floating around in my sun-cooked stay tuned!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Things are.....better.

Not back to normal. Not all the way. Not yet.

They did come in today and take out all the fans and dehumidifiers....except for 3 in the kitchen with the cabinet dryers attached since apparently there is still some water under there. Our floors are a mess of exposed concrete and what's left of the wood laminate. Our powder room and our living room/dining room remain unusable. But I have a new-to-me washer and dryer set and hubby washed clothes all day Saturday while I went to a crop, so we once again have clean clothes. Best of all, with 95% of the equipment gone, the noise level has also gone down considerably.

It's better....much better.