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Monday, April 12, 2010

A New Week

When this posts at 12:01 am Monday, it will be the start of the new "work" week for me and I'm really, really, REALLY hoping for it to be better than last week.

Did you notice how I put work in quotes?? That's because I don't really work. I'm just a stay-at-home-mom to twin almost-3-year-olds. I have TONS of free time. Just loads and loads of it.
(Is the snarky sarcasm coming through ok? Good. Just checkin'.)


  1. Hi. I will be posting some invite pics soon. :)

    hoping you have to best week eveeeer. It is my 1st back to school since spring break. wish me luck. haha.


  2. I feel ya girl. I had made a pact with myself to only do something for myself during naptime (no housework). Yeah, then my shower starting growing mold and the floors were crunchy. Grr, no more free time...... But it's so hard to clean when she's awake. Maybe if she had a twin to play with....... so much easier I bet. LOL!!!!

  3. Oh Summer yes, the girls just play quietly in the corner with educational toys while I sit eating bon-bons and making things with pretty paper. Good thing I also have that Magic Wand that I wave so the house stays clean and the meals are prepared....LMAO!!!

  4. Britten, hope your week is off to a better start :) I have a little something for you over on my blog, so swing by and take a peek ;D It will either make you smile or go grrrr...hopefully the former, not the! Hugz to you! Cheryl

  5. Britten, I hope your week is going better for you and dont ever say your are JUST this or that. You are a mother, wife, a friend,a very special person...not a JUST. Hope to see you Sat.

    Love ya