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Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Already

I've been meaning to post all week, but haven't really been spending too much time up here in my scraproom (*gasp*!) ...

Nope, I haven't been crafty all week. Haven't made a thing. Nothing. Nada. But I do have an all day crop tomorrow, so I'm hoping my mojo will show up somewhere between now and then. I have about 11 cards that need made between now and June and "simple" doesn't come easy to me. Thanks to my friend Summer (her super-cute blog is here) who sent me some links to a few sketch challenges which should help me get the ball rollin'.

As for the twins...
Thing seem to be getting a little more.... manageable. The screaming fits and tantrums that my red-haired child was throwing every 5 minutes are now less frequent. We've stuck to our amount of fit-pitching is going to get anyone what they want. So seems to be getting through to her. While we know just how smart she is, she is equally as stubborn. A lethal combo in an almost-3-year-old.

Here's a one-picture layout using more awesome paper by Mariah Johnson. This picture of Baylinn is actually from Valentine's Day, 2009 - when she was about 21 months old. Why post this today? Because back then, it was good to be her. Nowadays...not so much.

Her sister's fits often come when it's just the 3 of us. When that happens, we go home. Immediately. So that means that Baylinn sometimes gets the short end of the stick. Poor kid. It's just what sometimes happens with siblings. One mis-behaves and the other one gets caught in the crossfire and so her fun ends up cut short too. As they get older we are trying to do things with them's just not always easy.

1 comment:

  1. That sassy little girl. Her big cuz will be giving her a talking to! haha.

    And yeah poor lil' baylinn, but i am sure she has her moments... maybe? haha.

    cute layout.