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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm Avoiding My Husband

Because he's sick. He has what I had last week, only he's got it worse. (pause)

No really he does have it worse. He's not just saying that. (longer pause)

Okay, initially I thought he was just totally milking it...but then he threw up - which I didn't do last week - so he does feel really bad.

Side note: I really do think men are kind of wussy when they are sick. He asked me to go get him cold medicine this afternoon, then called while I was out to ask me to get him chicken soup (cuz he didn't like the stuff we already had *insert eye roll*) and crackers. And did I think he needed to take Vitamin C?? Back into the store I went for orange juice. And then he texted me that he needed ginger ale too.

Now I'm in my scrap room but feeling uncreative, so I thought I'd post some pics of some things I finished up yesterday (before hubby caught the Bubonic Plague)...

Our church is having a St. Patrick's Dinner and Talent Show and they are also setting up a silent auction. They asked members to contribute items for the auction, so I thought I'd make something "papercrafty" to donate.

I found this square plate in a drawer in my scraproom with the price tag still on it. I picked a design I liked, cut it in vinyl, slapped some glass etching cream on it and viola!:

(The sunny, blue-sky background courtesy of Florida In March!!)

Next I made some 4X4 note cards. I always have a hard time picking colors that I think other people will like, so I played it safe and did white on white. Some pop dots, Stickles, rhinestones and the always useful Swiss Dots folder for the Cuttlebug and here are 6 handmade, church-appropriate, blank cards with matching envelopes:

I made one more thing....but I'm not sharing it here just yet. I'll give you a hint fits in this cute little matchbox from TBBM:

Of course, I will eventually show you what's in the box...

...but not yet!


  1. So cute! Love the plate! Hope your hubby feels better soon!

  2. I'm glad you're feeling better. I hope your husband is mended soon. lol I love the commentary.

  3. Church appropriate, I like that...
    Give him Nyquil, he'll be out for hours.

  4. I love the cut out on the cards.
    My Michaels had a huge clearance on Tim Holtz stuff. 3-pack of distress stickles for $3; masks for $1 or $2; trinkets (the safety pin things) for $2.50. Crackle paint for $2. HUGE deals.

  5. I have a Beautiful Blogger Award for you on my blog. I get so much inspiration from your projects and enjoy your stories so much : ).