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Friday, February 5, 2010

More Moxie Fab

Yes, I just can't get enough of the sassy Anne Taintor Challenge over on Moxie Fab World. Here's another card I made for the challenge:
"It would, of course, have to look like an accident."

I love this picture for a number of reasons:
1) This was taken from a 1957 Tampax ad.
2) Which one of us hasn't had this exact same thought during that time of the month?
3) The woman on the right is holding a blunt object that could be used as a weapon.


  1. hahahahaha! This one's is great. It's my fave of the two. Great colors! Did you do anything to those flowers or did they come like that? I finished mine, but Audrey has strep so I haven't had time to post it yet.

  2. 1. not just during that time of the month.
    2. the hatpin is super cute.
    3. great lace border!

  3. Rachael - LOL!
    I didn't just include the hatpin because it was cute. I figured it could also be used as a weapon...if you were really in a pinch.

    The lace is a fab border punch from Martha.

  4. Hey Britten! Thanks for entering the Taintor-tude Challenge in the Moxie Fab World! :)