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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Let's talk about another hobby for just a second...

My husband loves to fish. I don't. I actually don't get the hobby at all...and I live in Florida which is like, the fishing capital of the world. But fishing bores me to tears. I take a scrapbook magazine with me and get irritated if I have to put the mag down to reel in a fish. And I sure as heck ain't touching anything the bait or the fish. No way. So while we don't fully understand why the other likes their respective hobby.... I support his love of the sport and he supports my desire to make stuff out of paper.

A friend of mine - who shall remain nameless (and blogless *sigh*) - told me today that her husband is less than supportive of her scrapbooking and cardmaking hobby. Wait. I'm being too nice. He actually used the word - now brace yourselves - "crappy" in describing her latest project. Yes, I can hear your gasps from here. I, of course, was outraged at his audacity, especially since one of his hobbies - one that she supports and feigns interest in - is fishing.

Does your husband or significant other love to fish? Does he come home smelling errr...." ripe" after a long day on the water and regal you with stories about fish that would break world records for size and girth? Do you smile, nod politely, and pretend to be interested in his "one that got away" and "it was THIS big!" stories while silently planning what you are going to pack for your next crop?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, take a moment to watch the video I have posted below. And take comfort in the knowledge that we papercrafters are too smart to ever attempt to perform our hobby in a kayak:


  1. Oh my goodness I have just about wet my pants!!!! That video was hysterical! I had to call my son and hubby in to watch it to! Thanks we got such a big laugh out of it! I am the opposite tho I love to fish probably more than my hubby!!!

  2. hahahahahahahahah.....too bad this wasn't the unsupportive husband.

  3. OMGness. I was laughing so hard besides almost peeing my pant. I am crying. Where did you find that. The was the best. Thanks for the up beat video. I so needed it.

  4. he,he,he,he!!! that was just too funny!! got little mo to have a peek and he was giggling away!!! tfs xx

  5. I have decided that I just won't show him anything else that I've made. I will continue to smile and pretend I'm interested when he shows me the picture of the fish or the deer or whatever animal he has. I will also continue to bring in his hunting clothes that he has put outside to get the "human" scent off of them and return them outside after I've let both dogs and the cat lay all over them...

  6. hahahahahahahha!!! wonder if that will happen to Uncle B. Tell me if it does...


    Thanks for sharing.