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Monday, February 22, 2010

I should be cleaning something.

But instead I've decided to finally finish a few layouts that I've had laying around for awhile now.

Basically all that was left was journaling. Imagine that. I know how important journaling is....I've been scrapping for like, 13 years or something so I know. I know. I KNOW!

But I hate it. (There! I said it! HA! How liberating!) I hate my handwriting. I hate trying to put my thoughts and feelings into a short paragraph that I know other people are going to read. I hate having to edit myself. I hate trying to figure out how to get it on the page so it looks like it belongs instead of an afterthought. (How do the scrappers in my magazines get their journaling to print right on their 12X12 paper??!!)

So I have a cheat method for journaling and I'm going to share it with you right now....instead of cleaning a bathroom or folding laundry.

I write on the back of the layout. I sign my name, I write the date I finished it and I write some journaling on the back of the layout and then stick it in the page protector and TA-DAH! Journaling. Done.

I still include important information on the front and I don't write on the back of every layout. But in the layout titled "Cousins" I wrote a little paragraph on the back about the picture and where it was taken.

The nice thing is that no one knows it's there - for now at least. When the girls are older and we look at my scrapbooks, I'll be able to pull out the layouts and they will see my handwriting and what I was really thinking when I made the layout - no editing necessary. Misspelling and bad grammar and all.

Check back later this week for pics of the other 2 layouts that I (finally!) finished.


  1. You little sneak. I'm gonna use this next time I need more space bc I love journaling, but usually run out of room.
    The LO turned out really really cute BTW. Are you usually a one photo scrapper?

  2. The layout is adorable! I'm terrible at journaling too. I don't scrap very much but when I have to I dread it. I'm going to steal that back of the layout trick!

  3. That is a great technique. I think kids will want to see actual handwriting.

    Even though I hate having my picture taken, I put it in the book so DD will have pictures of me. I think it's important to include ourselves and our handwriting. I don't mind the handwriting, the pictures are what's hard for me lol. I'm glad you found a solution for the handwriting. : ).

    BTW LOVE the layout! The dimension really works.