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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Remain Completely Un-Domestic

It's now Day 2 of my Avoiding Housework Week so here's another layout that I finally finished up. I love the pictures, but really don't like how the layout turned out. I screwed up the corner when using my border punch so I made that big flower and stuck it over the mistake. Which would've probably been okay if not for the large, crackle-painted, chipboard swirly thing that I had already glued down in the opposite corner. It's just too many big elements for one page. Oh well. Can't love them all.

As for the kid....this is Baylinn. Yes, she is as sweet as she looks. She is also the first to be fully potty-trained, (not counting the accident we had this morning on the 30 second drive home from the Y. ) while her sister remains completely uninterested in the process. *sigh* One down, one to go.

The photograph credit for these gorgeous pics goes to my niece Kyla. She took tons of beautiful pictures while we were in North Carolina visiting for Thanksgiving. Her mom (my sis-in-law) is a professional's obvious such talent is in the genes!

PS: Summer asked yesterday if I usually scrap just one picture. I guess my answer is "uhm, sometimes"...? I suppose it all depends on the pics and the supplies I want to use. Or if I'm inspired by another one page, one pic LO that I saw online or in a magazine, or if I'm working from a sketch.


  1. Such a profound answer to my question :)
    Look how different Baylinn looks in the photo with her cousin!
    I like this LO a lot!!! And I don't hate the flower.

  2. Welcome to the club! I'm in my 10th year of the Avoiding Housework Life! LOL! Who needs a clean house when there's crafitng to be done?

    IT's obviously working for you, too. Your layout is gorgeous!