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Friday, January 22, 2010

This is kinda cool...

Some of you might remember a post from last fall about the rock-n-roll inspired wedding invitations I did for a couple named Ricci and Joel who found me via my esty store.

Here's the link to the previous blog post - with pictures of the invitation:

I just got an email from a wedding website called junebug weddings. They featured Ricci and Joel's wedding and posted some great pics (though my etsy store is mentioned, they didn't show any pics of the invite, which is a bummer, but cool is that??)

Here's the link to the junebug weddings if you want to check it out. It looked like it was a really awesome wedding...

Hmmm...this probably means I should get some new stuff in my etsy store. It's currently very empty....


  1. VERY cool! Did you do the place cards? They look like you :) Her shoes were awesome, weren't they?

  2. That is awesome! :) I loved those invites. Super cute. We need to talk about my sweet 16 invites... haha.

  3. They have you credited for the invitations and a link to your Etsy store. Very cool : )

    I eloped before the internet was even an idea, so I'm not even up on the niceties of analog weddings, let alone those which are shared digitally lol. It's nice they credit where they got the components of their wedding.