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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tell me the truth...

...I can handle it!

I have been "collecting" stamps for years but never really knew what to do with them. Then a few months ago, I saw the coolest stamps from Bombshell Stamps - - and just had to order a couple of sets. When a couple of my scrapping friends (I'm talking about you Summer and MC!) moved out of state recently, I looked into Stampin' Up!. I found a fabulous demo right down the road and fell in love with the products at the first class. Thanks to Lisa's great classes and workshops, I now know how to actually use the stamps I've got in my stash...and of course have added a few more!

When I was at CHA a few weeks ago, I saw a great demo using Distress Inks, Rubber Stamps and Masks from Tim Holtz. I picked some up and just got around to trying them out for myself. This is something new for me because... I didn't use my cricut *gasp!*

Tory from The Spotted Box - - saw my store on etsy and asked me if I wanted to contribute samples of my work to one of their monthly boxes. I am going to be making at least 25 of these cards to be included as part of September's boxes. So above are some of my first attempts using my new Tim Holtz products, as well as a few stamps from Stampin' Up! Tell me what you really think....I can handle the truth!!


  1. I love the paris looking one (pink) and the green/gold. They are more my style. They remind me more of antique/romance an era forgotton of handwritten letters and love far away.

    The others are just not my style--nothing wrong just did not catch my eye. But I love your blog--I am new and just starting and stumbled upon yours and joined as a follower thanks for sharing.

  2. I think they look great! I love the look of the cards. Like you said, everyone can use a Thank You note. I will agree they are an "antigue-type" style but I love it.
    Your poor Cricut - but I'm sure after the wedding invites it was glad for a break!!!

  3. Those are beautiful and reminded me of some of our SU stamps. Very vintage looking. Come see the "distressed" looking cards I just put on my blog.

  4. I don't care for the last one at all :) The second one is my favorite, but I think it needs a touch of brown between the sentiment and the flourishes since they'er the same color. And I'm not feeling the clear dots.... maybe a rusted fancy brad or some brown or turquoise bling. Congrats the Spotted Box. I just keep getting prouder and prouder of you!!! I didn't know you made it CHA!! Jealous!!