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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ebay & Etsy

In order to help supplement my scrapbooking obsession....err, I mean hobby....I started selling things on ebay and etsy a few months ago.

I've done pretty good on ebay so far. I'm mainly just selling stuff that's sitting around the house. I have also had some pretty good success with selling gently used scrapbook tools and supplies....things that I just don't use anymore. (It makes space for NEW stuff!) My id on ebay is theshoppingdiva if you'd like to look up my current items. I'm hoping to get better organized so I can put one new thing out there everyday.

Before Christmas I opened up a little store on etsy but haven't sold anything there yet. I posted some things and then kind of forgot about it for awhile. I really want to make some twin-themed paper crafts for that site. If only I could find the time.....!

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