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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Scrapbox - the best thing EVER!

I first saw the Scrapbox at a Scrapbook Expo in Orlando last March. I brought home a brochure, hung it on the fridge with a post-it note that said "Mother's Day is May 11!" Brian saw an opportunity to buy me ONE thing that would cover all the holidays in one year....
My scrapbook room is really the loft in our upstairs and it doesn't have a door. So anyone walking up the stairs would get to see the mismatch of old furniture and storage that I kept all my scrapbook supplies in. Stuff was everywhere and it looked messy. The nice thing about the Scrapbox is that it closes and locks....which keeps everything organized and little fingers out!
Actually these pictures were taken back in October....the room has changed a little since then and the Scrapbox definitely has more stuff in it now!


  1. omg i want this!!! ive been checking it out....praying for the money fairy to quit eluding me :) lucky you ! :)

  2. Your husband was so sweet to get this for you. I have been wanting it for a couple of years now. Maybe someday.

  3. That is totally incredible. I'm sure your enjoying it. Your work is beautiful...keep it coming.